Leading During Business & Industry Disruption: How CFOs Can Innovate While They Operate - Denver

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Given the rapid pace of change and innovation, the number and types of business growth strategies and risks have increased exponentially over the past decade. Given their leadership role as the key strategic thought partner to the business and board of directors, CFOs are responsible to help the business grow while ensuring that risks are identified, managed and integrated into the enterprise growth strategy in such a manner that they foster a growth culture while protecting enterprise value and managing downside risk.

Whether it be entering a new industry or new markets, creating new products or services, targeting new customers, forming strategic alliances, changing distribution models or any other potential innovation options, CFOs must implement an enterprise risk management process (ERM) to ensure that they strike the right balance between risk and return such that the ERM assists in fostering growth.

Member Focus: CFO Alliance Members will gather to discuss and share best practices and insights on how they balance driving accelerated growth while managing the associated risk and ROI through developing enterprise risk management processes and how they monitor and assess their impact to the top line, bottom line, and shareholder value.

Featured Case Study Guest


Tom Higley, Founder & CEO, 10.10.10

Tom Higley is a Denver-based entrepreneur, mentor and Founder and CEO of 10.10.10. Tom has founded and run six tech startups, including Service Metrics (acquired by Exodus Communications for $280 million) and StillSecure acquired in 2013. In the course of his career as entrepreneur, he has raised more than $40 million and returned more than $1 billion to investors. As mentor for TechStars, Galvanize and INDUSTRY entrepreneurs and CEOs and an investor in more than 25 startups, Tom has been advisor to hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups. Tom graduated from the University of Michigan and Harvard Law School.

The 10.10.10 program connects entrepreneurs with validators (companies, NGOs, foundations and others with first-hand knowledge of wicked problems and those working on solutions) to create fundable companies that will bring solutions to market.

The first 10.10.10 (10.10.10 Health) focused on wicked problems in health. It ran for 10 days (+1) in February 2015 and has already produced one funded company providing health data solutions.


7.15 - 7.45 Networking
7.45 - 8.00 Welcome/Heard on the Street/Heard in the Hallways with Introductions from Mike Biselli, President of Catalyst HTI
8.00 - 8.30 CFOA Member Case Study Q&A
8:30 - 9.00 Table Discussions
9.00 - 9.15 Group Share 
9.15 - 9.30 RT Summary, Key Takeaways, and Next Steps 

Learning Objectives / Key Takeaways

—How CFOs and their team’s can foster a culture of growth while establishing a strategic risk-awareness culture across the enterprise
—How to implement a robust ERM process that is integrated into strategy development throughout the enterprise in such a manner that it fosters a growth culture while protecting enterprise value and managing downside risk.
—How to identify and staff the people who have a strategic mindset and requisite skill set to assist in driving growth while managing the business risks and investment ROI.
—How to leverage the board in the strategic allocation of resources to drive growth while managing risks and ROI.
—How to gain buy-in from the management team and business unit leaders across the company to ensure enterprise wide adoption

When:  Sep 25, 2018 from 7:15 AM to 9:30 AM (MT)


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