ADVANCE is aimed to accelerate and enhance the performance of aspiring, first-time and seated finance leaders in high-growth enterprises.

The ADVANCE Program, created by The CFO Alliance and powered by Withum, Cadilus, PNC and AchieveNEXT, is the catalyst you need to accelerate your performance as a modern finance leader.


Four (4) Three-Hour, CPE-Certified Sessions that run from September, 2019 – January, 2020. 

Travel and in-person attendance will be required for both the kick-off and the closing session. Participants will have the option to travel into either New York City or Denver for the kick-off, and either Philadelphia or Denver for the closing session.

Session #1: Tuesday, September 17 (2:30pm-5:30pm ET / 12:30pm-3:30pm MT)
- In-person kick-off. Participants will travel into either New York City or Denver.

Session #2: Tuesday, October 29 (2:30pm-5:30pm ET)
- Participants will gather in Metro Market Pods and virtually stream the session.

Session #3: Tuesday, December 17 (2:30pm-5:30pm ET)
- Participants will gather in Metro Market Pods and virtually stream the session.

Session #4: Tuesday, January 28 (2:30pm-5:30pm ET / 12:30pm-3:30pm MT)
- In-person closing. Participants will travel into either Philadelphia or Denver.

ADVANCE Program Curriculum for the 2019-2020 Program

  • Storytelling: Mastering Communication with Data - Inside & Outside the Enterprise 
  • M&A Readiness: Evaluating Acquisition Strategies, Cost of Capital
  • Leadership and Board Readiness: Building Relationships 
  • Enterprise Growth Strategy: Formulation, Planning, and Implementation

ADVANCE Program Design

Program Overview: First time CFOs, new-to-their-role CFOs, CFOs in high growth companies, and fast-tracked finance professionals can enroll in the ADVANCE Program. As a fully CPE-certified program, ADVANCE offers instruction from distinguished practitioners who bring their competencies, established track records, and personal experiences to provide participants with the training and tools they need to advance their performance and careers.  

Curriculum Focus: Developed through research and collaboration with Members of The CFO Alliance community, we have identified critical competencies our Members believe are most critical to your performance, management and leadership in today’s fast-paced finance environments. By enhancing competencies and confidence in your leadership, communication, strategy, and M&A readiness skills, ADVANCE provides you with a robust learning curriculum that accelerates your growth and performance as a modern finance leader.


ADVANCE is a custom, peer-based, collaborative learning Program for Members of The CFO Alliance. Qualified Program participants will gather together in select major metro market locations throughout the United States for four (4) three-hour learning sessions over a six (6) month period, earning twelve (12) CPE credits upon completion of the Program. 

Free to Members of The CFO Alliance (CFO Alliance Membership = $500/year)



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